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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are handtrauma.net?

Handtrauma.net is a site that allows for a streamlined referral process for hand injuries to WPRS (warrnambool plastic and reconstructive surgery). WPRS was established in 2012 and has provided comprehensive and high quality hand surgery and hand therapy for people with hand injuries.

Where will I have a surgical consultation?

WPRS provides surgical consultation with Mr Robert Toma and Mr John Masters in Warrnambool, Mt Gambier and Hamilton. Follow-up post any surgical procedure can be provided at these locations

If I need an operation where will this occur?

Our surgeons operate at four locations in the region. For private and workcover patients operations are undertaken at St John of God hospital Warrnambool. For public patients

Where can I have hand therapy?

WPRS provides high quality hand therapy in Warrnambool and Mt Gambier.

Do I need a referral?

To see one of our hand surgeons you will need a referral from your doctor.

No referral is required to see our hand therapist except for workcover and TAC cases.

What will it cost to see the hand surgeon or hand therapist?

To see one of our WPRS hand surgeons for an emergency referral there is a $20 out of pocket charge.

WPRS hand therapy has an initial consultation fee of $70. There is Medicare rebate, however some private insurance companies, workcover and TAC provide rebate for treatment. Additional costs maybe incurred for splints

Will there be any out of pocket costs for surgery?

There is no out of pocket cost for emergency surgery

How do I get an appointment?

For urgent referrals your doctor will contact the WPRS on call doctor and you will be advised of where and when you are required to attend.

For non-urgent referrals to a hand surgery your doctor has sent a referral and a staff member from WPRS will be in contact with you shortly. For an appointment with a hand therapist your doctor may refer you for assessment and management. However as a referral is not required for hand therapy you can refer yourself by submitting information on hand therapy referral page.

If my doctor has referred me to handtrauma.net do I need to fast for surgery?

Please do not fast for surgery until you have been advised of surgery time.

Adults will need to fast 6 hours before any surgical procedure. You will be advised when you need to fast from once surgery is booked.